Bangkok with Something Special For Travelers All Arround The World

Bangkok with Something Special For Travelers All Arround The World – Of course there are so many places to visit when you want to enjoy your traveling time. Bangkok is one of them and it does not take you to be in hassle to visit this capital city of Thailand. As long as you have enough money, traveling to this city is just about as easy as tipping clapping your hands. One thing you must deal with when viting Bangkong is to make sure you get enough info of this city. You need to make sure understand what to visit and what to do, so being in Bangkok will be something you enjoy optimally. You also have to understand culter of the people living in Bangkok. Almost all people living in this big city are budhism. You will find many buildings made for the purpose of budhism pactice. Bangkok is also home for trarnsgenders. You can find anywhere in this city ladyboy, a popular atribute for transgenders in Bangkok. Monks are also what you will see anywhere especially in the morning. They will line up on the streets every morning with barefoot. It is a unique view you will see anytime you intend to visit this capital city of Bangkok.

Traveling to Bangkok can be in either way, backpacking style or you come to this city with something expensive. Bangkok is open for travellers all arround the world. Many people from many countries come to this city to spend some days or weeks to enjoy what Bangkok has to offer. Some enjoy delicous foods, while others enjoy nightlife with ladyboy. There are also some festivals you can get into when being in Bangkok. Just take notes for the schedule of the festivals anytime you plan to be in Bangkok. There are several things to take into account when you are about to visit Bangkok.

• Currency accepted in this city is Bath. So, make sure to exchange your own currency for Thai Bath. But many money changers in this city accept USD. The easy way is to exchange your currency with USD and then come to the local money changer for Bath.

• Bangkok is a populer destination for backpakers. In this city, there will be a range of dormitory for your accomodation. You can share your rooms so that you will spend less.

• For Muslim believer, Bangkok has so many foods made of porks. It is not Halal for Islam believers. It will be a good idea to visit a restaurant with chicken-made foods.

• Tuktuk is available anywhere in Bangkok, you can go to some destinations by this mode of transportation. But be careful with the higher price as some Tuktuk driver offers more that what it should.

• Public transportation available in this Bangkok includes bus, train and LRT. You can also get car rental and taxi in this city.

Certainly bangkok has many allures to offer and this city is worth visiting for vacation. Affordable foods are also available in Bangkok, as there are so many streed foods here. Tomyum soup is something special you can enjoy when it comes to Thai cuisine.

Although Bangkok is not high for scammers, but you need to be careful as some tourists have become victim of criminal acts in this city. You need to make sure paying attention to your belongings during your travel in bangkok. You can get a travel guide for safest travel in this city.

For indonesian passports holders, flight from Jakarta to Bangkok is something direct. You don’t need to transit and the flight takes about two hours. Air Asia, Lion Air are two flight companies providing you with regular departure to Bangkok. Just make sure you book flights some weeks before you go in order to gain cheap price. You also can count on Traveloka, Tiket and Agoda for hotel bookings as well as flight order. There will be good promos when you book several days berfore you go to bangkok. There are so many people enjoying Bangkok as this city has something unique and special, you do need to try being in Bangkok anytime you want. For Indonesin, visa is not needed. It is about a passort visit only when it comes to Bangkok travel.

No have enough money ? if so, it will be not a big problem when you choose Bangkok to be your tourist destination. Backpacking is a good way to enjoy what bangkok has to offer. Prepare all of the things in a good way when you intend to visit this city. And be sure to get return ticket as without this, you can pass imigration check in Bangkok. That is all of the things about traveling to Bangkok you should know. Of course you will have a great experience visiting this capital city of Thailand. And there will be unforgetable experience for your traveling time.